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Monday, January 27, 2014

Chalkboard Door

I decided to revamp my chalkboard door. 

Originally I had an art area on the bottom and 4 small sections on the top but it didn't seem to be efficient to me. 

So I taped it off and repainted the whole thing. This Rust-oleum paint is awesome. It goes on very nicely with a foam roller and works really well and cleans up nicely after using both white or colored chalk.  

Once my two coats were applied (with 24 hours between coats) and let 'cure' for 48 hours...

I now have a gigantic chalk board and I love it!

I love that the door is metal because I can use magnets on it. The magnets work through the chalk paint too.

I always have a "Grocery List" heading since I always seem to be running out of something and if I don't write it down I won't remember.

The base provides a great place for my daughter to draw and play teacher with her stuffed animals. 

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