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Sunday, July 21, 2013


Its been a rough week. I've had a relative in the hospital and have spent several days away from home helping prep things for that person to return home. So I'm feeling unmotivated to cook a full meal so leftover night it is. 

More than enough to chose from... 
Lets see what I can come up with. 

Dish One: Chicken quesadilla, grapes, and carrots. (All ingredients were leftovers, or needing to be used up, except the cheese)

Dish Two: Mixed salad. Using leftover spinach, chicken, feta cheese, tomato, and threw in a few fresh snow peas picked from the garden. 

Dish Three: Pulled pork sandwiches. Using leftover rolls, coleslaw, and pulled pork. 

Success; three delicious dishes easily heated up and served in less than 10 minutes and three happy tummys. 

Using up leftovers on a regular basis is not only economical but timesaving as well.

What are your favorite leftover dishes?

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