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Friday, July 12, 2013

Leaping and learning

Beautiful day outside today, time to break out the chalk (and sneak in a little education too!)

We started with a regular hopscotch but I decided that hopping up to ten was too easy. I've been working with my daughter to get up to 20 but she was getting confused in the teen numbers. So a new game was born "Froggy Hop Fun".

I made round "lily pads" in a random pattern a then colored in the surrounding areas in blue "water". I numbered the lily pads up to 20 and told my daughter to hop like a frog without getting wet and say the numbers out loud. 

Frog Hop Count Fun

My daughter jumped on two feet instead of one foot. Either can be done depending on the age and skill level of your child. You can also change the numbers. You can count even numbers or odd numbers. You can count by 10's. You could even work on spelling words!

Added a frog to the number pond!
There are lots of studies out there that prove any time you can combine movement and learning the information sticks in you mind better. Use this as a fun way to help your kids learn and get some exercise!

Happy Hopping!

What fun ways do yo help your child learn?

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