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Friday, July 5, 2013

Fruit fly trap (experiment)

Did I mention I HATE fruit flies?

Every summer, no fail, they invade my kitchen. I don't know if they come in from outdoors or on the fruit I by at the store, but they arrive mid summer and I struggle to get rid of them.

I swat, squish, and smack to try to get rid of as many as possible.
Then I saw Pintrest, the answer to my troubles, a fruit fly trap. (Well, varying versions)
So I decided to do a little informal research with the two most popular traps.

Trap one: The Fruit Fly Funnel

(This version can be made in varying ways. A liter pop bottle cut and inverted or using a funnel and glass from home. I did the latter.)

Add a small amount of apple cider vinegar to the bottom of a glass.
Chose a funnel that doesn't leave gaps on the top.
The fruit flies will be attracted down through the funnel in to the glass and will be unable to fly out.

Result: Mixed. 
A few fruit flies were trapped after two days, but it seemed like a majority just huddled on the rim of the glass and in the top of the funnel.

Trap two: Plastic wrap glass trap.

Add a small amount of apple cider vinegar to the bottom of a short glass.
Cover the top of a glass tightly with plastic wrap.
Cut a SMALL slit in the top of the plastic wrap.
The fruit flies will crawl down through the slit to the glass and will be unable to fly out.

Result: Pretty good. 
By the end of day two about a dozen fruit flies were trapped, but many were huddled on the top or outside of the plastic wrap.

NOTE: I would chose option two again to catch/attract the most fruit flies. However, what I started doing was placing the glass on an open area of counter and watching from a distance. When many flies were congregated on the top of the plastic wrap I would mist some Clorox Anywhere Spray above the area of the trap, when the flies tried to take off their wings would be wet, they would fall the counter and I would wipe up about 10+ flies, then wipe off the outside of the glass and a bit later repeat the process. In this was I caught over 50 fruit flies in one day between those in the glass and the ones I caught in my "mist".

Now my kitchen in *almost* fruit fly free for the time being.

What tricks do you have to get rid of fruit flies? 

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