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Monday, July 22, 2013

Home grown herbs all year round.

Fresh herbs are amazing, but I can't grow them all year round. I have found that dried herbs are much better than store bought herbs. Last year I made an attempt to dry a few herb and ran out far too soon. 

Then my mom bought me a dehydrator for christmas. I LOVE IT. 

You know that herbs grow better when you trim them periodically right? My herbs are flourishing this year and I am gladly harvesting handfuls every few weeks and throwing them right into the dehydrator. 

(You can also dry in the microwave on a paper plate or in the oven. Both techniques are easily found by doing a search on google.)

Here is a glance at the parsley (left) and 
rosemary (right) on the drying racks before being dried.

Oregano after being dried.

I find the best way to make the herbs into small usable pieces is to put the leaves into a bag after drying and just gently crush them with my fingers. I once tried using a knife and it just made a royal mess. 
I store my herbs in a sealed plastic container pr a zip lock bag and find they last all winter in my spice cabinet stored that way.

Have you grow herbs? What are your favorite fresh or dried herbs?

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