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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Decorations

I love to decorate for Halloween. I used to go way overboard but the last few years I have found that keeping it simple is much easier and makes me just as happy. Here is a peek at my front porch. 

This witch is one of my favorite things. My mother in law saw the idea in Martha Stewart magazine and had her husband make it. He made one for me as well. He simple drew it on plywood, cut it out, and painted it black. Mine is about 5 feet tall and is hinged to fold in half for easy storage. On the back are two hooks that a metal pole slides through and into the ground to hold the witch up. Under the hand is a little hook that the lantern attaches too.  

I found a plastic black cauldron to set in front of her and have orange lights it is so it "glows" at night. For added fun I also put purple lights in the lantern.

Above is my little pumpkin patch. I picked up the sign from JoAnn's many years ago. It is versatile because it works at halloween with the spiderweb. After halloween the web and Jack-O-Lanturn (not carved yet at time of this picture) will get tossed out and I keep the gourds and uncarved pumpkins sign since they are still make with the seasonal decor.  These will stay out through Thanksgiving day. 

P.S. the mum in the container should be more colorful but it is a bit dry because I haven't been faithful at giving it water. Oops.

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