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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Free Build Your Own Cupcake Printable

Looks like its going to be a rainy weekend. :-(  That means finding extra things to do to fill time with the kiddo. Still to warm for a baking day but this Pintrest find will make a splendid substitute. 

Click on the following link and it will guide you to the site where you can print and cut out these cut cupcake pieces and your child can make cupcakes to their hearts desire without all the mess and sugar!


Happy "baking"!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Golfball Art Activity.

I saw the cutest idea for a craft in the Family Fun magazine the other day but it was a large scale craft using a poster board, plastic balls, a baby pool, and washable paints.... I didn't have all of those but wanted to follow the same idea.

I decided to scale down and used a piece of card stock, some golfballs, a large plastic serving bowl, and finger paints.


First place the cardstock in the bowl.

After a test run I learned that two simpe pieces of tape will keep the paper from popping out.

Get out your paints. My daughter picked 4 random colors. (This is where your personal creativity can come in.) You can pick seasonal colors, favorite colors, team colors, one color, or ten colors. 

I've started using egg cartons to pour paint into. They are shallower than Dixie cups and keep it well contained (verses on a plate where it all mixes together) and makes for simple clean up.

We dipped the golfball into the paint and dropped it into the bowl with paper. Next is the real fun part for kids; pickup the bowl and roll the ball around. 

Repeat this step with multiple colors. (If you only have one ball you can wash inbetween or just use multiple golfballs) You can also pick some different balls to create different textures on the paper.

After dipping and rolling to her hearts desire my daughter announced she was done. 

I personally love the outcome (and the process) this will be a repeate craft for sure... I can see some potential for cute holiday crafts! 😀

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Decorate your own.....

Has your child ever purchase or recieved a "design your own" toy. They beg you to open the package, they get the markers and start drawing, the next day they realize they don't like the design and want you to wash it off... but it doesn't come off.

That's what happened to me. Here is the before product:

Here us the after:

I tried Mr Clean MagicErasers and a miriad of other cleaning products but nothing took of the marker. 

Fortunatly my daughter recieved a new version of this exact you for her birthday, 

I promptly threw out the permeate markers it came with and had her use Crayola washable markers as a friend had suggested. 


Just for proof that it works. Here us the drawing stage:

Here is the wash off:

Here is Luna cleaned off and ready for a new design:
*note- any marker that is left on more than 24 hours may leave a shadow. (See the wing I picture above.) The sooner you wash it off the better!!!

So throw out the makers and use washables for any "design-a-toy"!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Frozen Happy Birthday Sign

I needed to create a birthdays card for my daughter's friend but a regular card just didn't seem exciting enough for a 5 year old. So I made this :

I wish I would've taken more pictures as I made it....  

These cute graphics were printed off the web. A simple search for Frozen in images on google will net you plenty of options. 

I typed out the happy birthday message on Microsoft word and made it a size 72 and used curly font. 

I coverd a foam block with white and purple tissue paper and tied it with some ribbon. I taped the 'happy birthday' sign on to the block and taped the 3 circle signs onto small sewers and stuck them in the foam.

I decided that it needed just a touch more....    So I added sow. Glitter glue (Stickles is my favorite brand!)

Then I remembered this really cute snowball ribbon that I had. It has a tiny wire in it so I was able to wrap it  around the base and then cut a tiny slit in the circle and wrap it around creating a selling snowball effect. 😃

The 5 and the circles that th images are mounted on were cut on my cricut. 

From start to finish it took only about 20 minutes. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Big Book of Boo-Boos

Is  you're child a Doc McStuffins fan? If they watch Disney Junior like my child they probably are!

Here us a quick cute little craft you can make for (or with) your child.

First take  a few pieces of white  8x11cards stock  and cut them in half. 

Bind them together. I LOVE my Bind It All Machine I got on eBay.
(If you do not have a binder machine you can simply use a stapler to bind it.)

Next I had my daughter draw a heart on on sparkley it scrapbook paper and cut it out, but regular pink constriction paper will do just fine. Cut it out and glue it to the book. 

Finally, my daughter is working on her writing skills so I spelled out "Big Book of Boo-Boos" and she wrote it on the cover. You could easily write this for a younger child or print it on the computer. 

Now you can let your child play doctor and have a great time drawing pictures of their stuffed animals and making up cute diagnosis! 

Here is my daughter's drawing of her Sulley stuffed anoimal and his case of "Polka -dot-itis". 

Happy crafting!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Swingset Workout!

Why couldn't I have found this at the beginning of the summer!?!

I have been looking for ways to include my weight training into daily actiivites and have fond a few ways but this is a genius idea! I have done a few of these at the park while my kiddo played but this is a whole printable workout that you can take to the park with you.


I am so starting a moms group to go to the park 2 times a week next summer to do this.

Checkout the link with a printable page you can take with you.