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Monday, December 22, 2014

Thumbprint Christmas Tree Free Download

I was inspired yet again by another cute Pin but couldn't find the things I needed to make it. Although I am all about supporting independent crafters and I do love buying from Etsy, there was not enough time to order this print so I made my own version of a Thumbprint Christmas Tree. It was a simple process in Microsoft Word and I even added a few extras of my own.

I thought having the grandkids use their fingerprints to create the tree, thumbprints to create the ornaments, and then each sign their name in a gift box under the tree.

I have posted a copy of the file as a jpg image below. You can just click on the image and save it to your computer. If you would like, I can email you the original word document then you can personalize it with your family name or change the number of boxes under the tree. Just email me at mommyandmore@gmail.com, leave a comment below, or leave a note on my Facebook page.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Teacher Christmas Gifts

Yes, it is that time of year again. Here I am scrambling to come up with a creative idea for my daughters teacher that is practical and also in budget. 

I did my Pinterest search and it lead me to some great links. I thought I would pass them on to you to save you the time of having to search. Instead pick and idea off the list and you'll have a gift ready to go to give to your child's teacher and a bonus it will be super cute and look like you are very creative and prepared.

Eveyone loves getting a Starbucks coffee with their own name written on it. This Starbucks Sleeve Printable gives you the chance to write you teachers name and a cute little check list on the side too!

I don't know many teachers that will pass up a free cup of coffee. So why not give them a Dunkin Donuts gift card on this little Thanks a Latte Printable card holder!

We all know teachers spend lots of their own money on classroom supplies. Why not help them out by giving them a few dollars towards that fund? This Target Gift Card Holder is the perfect way to thank a teacher.

Who doesn't need some extra lip balm? This  Reindeer Lip Balm Gift Holder is Adorable.

All classrooms are full of tiny hands with germs. Buy a bottle of hand sanitizer and add this cute hand sanitizer label.

Hope this helps! If you have more great teacher gift ideas pop over to my Facebook page and share you ideas and links!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Arm Knit Infinity Scarf

I've been wanting to try arm knitting for a while.  I saw YouTube video sometime ago and had I shared on the Facebook.  page I finally sat down and attempted it The other night I pulled up that video along with another and after a bit of trial and errors it actually started to go along pretty smoothly.  I ended up with an awesome scarf!

So there's the finished product turned out super cute it is so soft and comfortable!

All it requires is your arms and two skeins  (that's the fancy knitting term for bundles) of yarn and a little bit of time and patience. 

I did not take pictures or video of myself doing it since I was still learning but here is a link to the YouTube video that I thought was wonderful I made it super clear for me!


Good luck. Please post pictures of your finished product on my Tidbits from Everyday Mommy and More Facebook page. I'd love to see pictures!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Napkin Holders

Every year my daughter and I make something special for each place setting at Thanksgiving dinner. 
Last year we made turkey napkin rings and they were a hit. I decided to stick with the napkin rings there year but use this adorable tag printout I found on Pinterest. 

Various colors of fall/leaf colored cardstock
Paper towel tube cut into 1 inch rings
Thankful tag printouts
Ribbon (for optional decoration)

 Cut out some leaves from the card stock. I made a simple shape and 
made them about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. 

Print out the tags from this link  THANKFUL TAGS. 
Cut and trim tags. Punch a hole if you want to use ribbon.

Glue leaves onto each ring and the glue to tag on top.

Now you are all set to put the napkins in and place them on each plate
for Thanksgiving dinner!

Splatter Art

 Splatter art is a blast. 

 Start with some sturdy card stock and draw a face in the center. 
I happen to have a hubby who is great at cartoon faces so he
drew a few different versions for us.

Then take some washable paint and water it down a bit.
Enough to be able to dip a straw in and pick up a few drops 
at a time.

Dab a few drops around the 'head' of your character....

Then blow in the other end of the straw to make the paint
splatter around.

We were amused for at least a half an hour making all sorts of 
crazy hair and other designs on our creatures.

My daughter loved her dragon with green breath!

Even my husband created some art!

Happy painting. Have fun!