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Friday, October 31, 2014

Front Door Eyeballs

Need to spice up the door before trick or treaters come by?

Add a set of eyeballs!

Simply take two paper plates and draw the iris (black circle) on it. 

You can get creative and make cat eyes, big eyes, little eyes, or anything else you can imagine!

Then simply adhear them to your door and you're ready for trick or treaters!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Create Sign

I had a spare piece of plywood in the garage and an urge to create, so I did just that. I started with an overall gray base coat.

First I layed out painters tape in a chevron pattern, using a ruler to make sure the spacing was exact.

Next I painted dark blue stripes and removed the painters tape. I wiped on a dark stain then immediately wipes it off just to give it an aged look. 

I used sharpie to add the word 'create'. (I had originally attempted to paint the word but I learned my painting skills are lacking.) The colored sharpie actually worked great on this surface. 

Now all I need is to add a picture mount on the back and hang it above my crafting station!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Paper Plate Ghosts

A last minute crafts for your little goblins to make. 

Paper plates
Printer paper 
Blacks marker scissors 

While the kiddos start drawing ghostly faces on the plates:

Fold the printer paper into a fan and cut into 1/2 inch strips.

(You can also cut a curved pattern or just leave them straight.)

Once the faces are done tape 6 to 8 stands on paper onto each ghost. 

Easy, fun, and very little clean up!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Friendship Bracelet Headphone Wrap

Remember those friendship bracelets we used to make back in the day? Well you can use the same technique to cover "well used" headphones. 
My headphones were no longer a nice white color thanks to daily use and rubbing against the makeup on my face. 

I did the standard thing I do when looking for a creative solution. I went to Pinterest. ...
and the wrap idea came into being.

It only took two bunches of embroidery floss and a few hours of twisting and knotting. Now I have a "new" set of headphones in my almaters colors!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cute Girls Hairstyles

Pinterest really comes in handy when I need inspiration for a new cute hairdo for my kiddo. I'm decent at doing her hair but not the best at creating new styles for her. 

For some do the more complex hairdos I am grateful for the tutorials. Especially some of the YouTube videos. But upon occasion just a picture is enough to guide me. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Puffy Cupcake Craft

Puffy cupcakes. How much fun are these!?!?!  

Shaving cream
Food coloring 
Plastic sandwich bag
Thick card stock
Cotton balls
Cupcake liner

Cut the cupcake liners in half and slightly bend the edges to create a surface to glue down.

Glue cupcake let halves on lower 1/2 of paper. Stuff with cotton balls to give support. Make sure to create a mound on top too. (See picture below.)

Next comes the fun and messy part! Dump a 50/50 mixture of shaving cream to glue into the plastic bag and add food coloring if you'd like to make a specific color. 
 (Rather than give a specific measurement this ratio gives you the flexibility to make a batch in whatever size you want or making multiple smaller matches.)

Now zip the bag *tightly* and let your little one squish and mix!

Carefully snip a corner off the bag and let you little one "frost" the cupcakes. Make sure you cover the cotton balls.

Add sprinkles or decorations if you'd like. 

Set of on a flat surface to dry. They will need at least 24 hours (or more) depending on how thick it is.

Getting your husband to do more housework...

If you have a daughter and a husband and need help getting more things done around the house here is a great resource to keep in your back pocket....

New research finds that daughters of men who help out at home tend to select from a broader range of career options than the daughters of families in which chores are not equitably shared

Dads who want their daughters to aim for prestigious professions should start by doing the dishes or loading the washing machine, a new study suggests.

 Father and daughter sitting at table in kitchen

The study, to be published in the journal Psychological Science, found that fathers who perform household chores are more likely to bring up daughters who break out of the mold of traditionally female jobs and aspire to careers in business, legal and other professions, CTV reports.
Alyssa Croft, lead author of the study, and a doctoral candidate at the University of British Columbia, said the study suggested “girls grow up with broader career goals in households where domestic duties are shared more equitably by parents.”
The study involved a survey of 326 children, between 7 and 13 years old, and at least one of their parents.

See original link here: 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Going Batty!

I love Halloween and the myriad of cute craft options for kids this time of year is great!!!

Here are some quick and easy Halloween crafts that I have made (or am planning to make) with my kiddo:

We always save toilet paper tubes. My daughter doesn't throw out anything that could potentailly be used for a craft!  This cute little craft is the most adorable bat I've ever seen.

Love this door full of bats. Click here for more door decorating ideas. So easy to make with some black card stock! If you are not good at freehand cutting look below at the link for the bat templates.

Finally, how finis this bat headband! Wonder what my daughter would think if I wore this while taking her trick or treating? Click here to go to the Martha Stewart website.

Happy crafting. (Take some pictures of the bat crafts you make and share them in the tidbit's facebook page!)