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Friday, March 6, 2015

Small steps towards a bigger solution

This seems to be a big topic right now. I wanted to take a quick moment to weigh in and would love to hear what your thoughts are as well.

We all remember the "pink slime" outcry from not that long ago...
I didn't frequent McDonald's back then and I still rarely go. 
However, Grandma and Grandpa take my daughter as a 'treat', on what seems like, a weekly basis. When my daughter goes she always picks the nuggets. 

So, even though I internally grimace when she tells me she went to McDonald's with Grandma and Grandpa, at least I know in the future the nuggets will be slightly healthier. 

But, yes there is always a "but"...

I wish McDonald's would make same effort towards changing their beef sources. 

From my view point it seems that chicken is a smaller part of their profit margin so they can "go healthy " to attract that market segment (or maybe it's marketing strategy?), but they still continue to serve low quality beef for cheap. 

I applaud them for making small steps but they have a long way to go. If they are this moved about thier chicken they should apply equal standards to their beef.

Your thoughts?

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