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Friday, August 2, 2013

One Hot Bird

Sometimes it seems that on facebook and blogs people only share the good things and the successes. I want to share the opposite today. 

I attempted to make a "beer can chicken" on the grill. My husband and I have made this several time before with no problems. Tonight I got the chicken out, seasoned it, cracked open the beer can, removed some of beer so it wouldn't boil over, put it all in a foil pan to catch the drippings, put ot on the grill (medium heat) and walked away.
About five minutes later, I was several yards away getting fresh lettuce from my garden I smelled something funny. I looked up and saw my grill spewing flames and black smoke. 

I ran over, opened the lid and dodged a fireball! I turned off the burners and reached under to turn off the propane tank. 

The picture Of the grill was taken after everything was turned off (Safety first). The picture on the right is the poor charred bird.

What kind of cooking disaster stories so you have?

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