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Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Workout Plan Needed

The school year has started again and that means I am back to work, no more summer free time. That also means no surplus of time to workout. I really enjoyed my summer workouts and want to continue my health and fitness trend but I now need to find a way to fit it in.

The above picture is shows me walking and below you will see my faithful walking companions. Sometimes this is the only reason that I do get out. These to cute pups need their walk and thats my excuse for leaving the house. 

During the summer I would walk/jog in the mornings, around 8 am or so. Now I am up at 5:30, out of the house by 6:45, I don't get home till 4:30, connect with my daughter and hubby, make dinner, then start the evening routine of packing for the next day and getting my daughter in bed. I try to sneak a quick walk with the dogs but after dinner usually i'm not feeling up to running. 

I'm looking for suggestions to give myself more quality workouts without taking away too much time from my other responsibilities and activities.

My husband purchased Biggest Loser (a workout "game" for Xbox. Im going to give that a try). 
Do you have any other suggestions?  

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