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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why Clean(er) Eating?

Okay I didn't think that was cleaning…….. but when I first heard the phrase "Clean Eating" I thought it was a crazy off-the-wall all organic/vegan nutty thing.
Turns out clean eating isn't that at all. Yes, there some far out people who take any movement out to the farther reaches but standard clean eating is just the idea of not eating so much processed food and getting back to a more natural balanced diet. So this February I have decided to embrace a challenge to be "clean(er)" and eat/use less processed products and try to eat/use more natural sources for foods, but in a practical every day budget friendly way.

February Clean(er) Eating Challenge Goals: 

1. Evaluate food items that are used most often. 

2. Find healthier alternatives to some overly processed foods.

3. Try at least one new clean dinner recipe each week.

4. Research and learn more about the contents of the foods we eat. 
Each week in February I will address all four of these items. I will be challenging you to share with me too. What food items did you find? What alternatives did you find? Share a new recipe. What new facts have you learned?

So who's on board for challenging yourself to make a few small changes towards clean(er) eating and a more healthy life?

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