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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Free Printable Valenitnes

I love Valentines day and especially love coming up with creative little cards and gifts for friends and coworkers. Now that my daughter is in school her and I can come up with creative cards and treats for her classmates too.

I am thinking about printing her valentines this year because she has such a small class. Also, I can avoid throwing away 1/2 a package of valentines that I purchased.

I have used printable valentines before for my friends but it is extra fun looking for kid themed cards.

Since Valentines day is on the 14th I have collected 14 of my favorite links here for you:

1. Valentine you're a star- attach a starburst.

2. Frozen is still a hit so how about some free Frozen Valentines.

3. Love this one: Give a individual cup of applesauce to each kid with cute little printable labels to go on top that say "You're Awesome Sauce Valentine"

4. This website gives you a choice of 4 adorable animal themes; Dinosaurs, Owls, Ocean Animals, or Fairies. (There is also a Minecraft link on this page too.)

5. Instead of cards what about something they can use, a bookmark!

6. This is for my Starwars loving friends out there:
Yoda card- using a glow bracelet for a light saber.

7. Fish bowl shaped valentine- shown with gold fish but you could use Swedish Fish too.

8. Mustache and Lips cards- attach a sucker.

9.  Everyone loves Minions! There are some cute Despicable Me Valentines day cards on this site.

10. Do you have a surplus of rubber band loom bracelets sitting around the house? This might be the perfect way to use them: "Its a stretch but will you be mine". Bow and arrow card.

11. Who could pass up a cute little fox?

12. Monsters and googly eyes make everyone giggle and smile!

13. These cards would be more suited for friends and coworkers, the puns would probably go over the heads of elementary school kids. Five Pun-tastic cards.

14. What valentines day would be complete without a gift for your husband. These five tags are too cute to pass up. Print them out and tie them to a few things and surprise him leading up to Valentines Day. It might even inspire him to get that extra special present for you!

If you have created your own I would LOVE to see them and if you have more links let me know.
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