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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Product Recommendation: Scrub Daddy

I haven't done a product recommendation for a long time, but this little gizmo reminded me about why I should be doing it more often.

I got the Scrub Daddy in my stocking for Christmas from mom. (Yes mom still gives all the kids stockings and we love it). 

I started using this cute little guy few days later and I LOVE it! 

You can use it to clean almost anything. It doesn't scratch so it's a great for pots and pans. The nifty thing is when it's dry or used in cold water it's kind of hard so it's almost like an abrasive sponge (but non-scratch). When you wet it with warm water it becomes soft and spongy like.

You can pick them up at bed bath and beyond for $3.99 and I'm sure you can find them on Amazon or at your local store or retailer. 

They are supposed to last 2+ months. I've been using mine for a couple weeks now and there's no sign of wearing down. 

This product gets two thumbs up! Give it a try.

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