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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years Motto.

Any resolutions from you this year? 

Mine is, "I resolve not to make any resolutions". 

Kidding, kind of. 

For many years I did not make "resolutions". To me resolutions feel so strict:

"I will lose weight"
"I will exercise more often" 
"I will learn Spanish" Etc..

 So often people make one resolution and if they don't stick with it they've 'failed.'

I don't want to set myself up for failure. Life is full of unpredictability when you are dealing with kids, family, work, and life in general. 

That is why last year I created a general motto that I could  strive towards during the year. 

Last years motto was " New Year New Me" and I succeeded in making myself  into a much more healthy person by exercising more often, growing my hair out, taking time to learn new things, landing my dream job, and even stepping out if my comfort zone and running. Leading to me completing three 5Ks last year!

For this years motto I've chosen "Be an example". This came about as a realization that I so often see my 5 year old daughter's actions mirroring mine, both good and bad. I have decided to constantly strive to be a good example for her to follow in all I do. Through this, I think we will both become better people. 

It is not just her though, the world is so full of problems and negativity, I want to inspire others to be better through my actions. 

If I am nice and let a driver in instead of cutting them off, maybe they'll drive a little nicer or do the same to another driver. 

Maybe help someone reach something on a high shelf at the grocery store  will inspire them to smile or an observer do something nice for another person. 

Maybe just take a second to calm myself and not yell when my daughter misbehave instead chose my disciplinary words carefully. 

I want to think about how I act daily so that I can be a good example to everyone around me.

If I can strive to be a good example for my daughter and people around me each day we can all become better people. 

What's your motto for the year?

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