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Monday, October 7, 2013

Quick and easy (cheater) crock pot stew

Quick and easy (cheater) crock pot stew.

How often do you have a time crunch and need to make a dinner fast? Here is my answer to a "rush night".

Take 1/2 lb of carrots and cook partially cook them in the microwave till outside is soft to the touch. (In my steamer it takes about 5 minutes)

Bonus: these are the carrots we grew in our garden!!

While the carrots are cooking out 2 cups water in the bottom of the crock pot.

Cut up some potatoes. (I used about 6 medium sized potatoes) as you can tell my specific measurement ago out the window when I'm in a rush...

Add a can of tomatoes if you have then in your pantry.  I didn't, but I has lots of tomatoes for my garden.

Next, (this is where quick and easy comes in) you can use leftover beef or in my case canned meat. (Yes, my mom canned some beef and it's actually really good. If you ever have a chance to pick some up from a market I would recommend it. (And it stays good in the pantry for a long time.)

Last, sprinkle on some extra herbs and seasoning. This is to taste, I was in a rush so I didn't measure. Go with your gut. Once its warmed up you can taste it and you can always add more if need be.

Now pop on the cover set it to the highest setting. (My highest setting is 4 hours) Because the meat is already cooked and the veggies are precooked, this only needs time to heat up. 

I popped this in the crock pot at 4:45, ran out the door for gymnastics, ran a quick errand, filled my gas tank.  When I pulled back into the house at 7pm dinner was hot and ready to serve!

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