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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Construction Party

A friend of ours had a construction themed party for their 3 year old son. The decorations were out of this world! She said that pintrest ideas gave her some inspireation and she filled in the rest with her own ideas. 

It was sooooo cute I asked her if I could photograph some of the items to share with all of you. 
So here is a peek at a Construction Birthday Party. 

When you entered the party there was a great traffic barricade made by Michelle's father and the black tape of the sidewalk made it feel like a street. 

Inside the kitchen was construction central with construction themed signs she purchased, handmade tissue paper balls in coordinating colors, toy construction equipment, and themed food. 

All the food featured fun labels that tied it into the theme
 and the use of black polka dot ribbon made it pop.

Clementines: Boulders         Wrecking Balls: Gum balls
Lumber: wafer cookies        Nuts and Bolts: Chex mix
Below are more  examples of themed food. I love how the tortilla chips were placed in the dump truck, construction cookies (forgot to ask where they were made) and of course, cups of dirt with worms and all. 

Bottom left picture show the favor bag that was passed out. A little shovel tied inside
of a bag with Reeses Pieces and a tag that said "I Dig You".

Michelle did a great job using the traditional yellow, orange, and black construction  
colors to tie in the theme and make it bright and festive. 

Even the utensils were tied into the theme. Each set of utensils were tied together with ribbon and a little "tools" label. 

In this last picture you can see that the fun continued outdoors. A sandbox with bulldozers to play with and a cut out to take your picture in. Also in the picture you can see the little yellow hard hat on the ground. Each child that attended got a hat with their name written on it. 

Way to go Michelle. This was on the best decorated theme parties I have ever been too. I look forward to seeing more of your creative ideas! 

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