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Monday, October 21, 2013


Apples are in season! What should we do? Make applesauce.

Wash and cut the apples into quarters. With the Kitchenaid attachment you 
do not need to core or peel the apples. 

Bring the apples to a boil and cook until soft.

Meanwhile place the grinder and fruit/vegetable strainer attachments on the Kitchenaid. These attachments can be purchased online or most anywhere Kitchenaid are sold they will cost about $100 together depending on where you purchase them..

When the apples are soft pull them out of the water with a slotted spoon. (This way you can place the next batch of apples into the hot water instead of filling it and having to bring a new pot to a boil all over again.) 

While the second batch of apples are coming to a boil start feeding the cooked apples into the grinder. Push them down slowly, they are hot and you don't want hot apple squirting out at you.

As you push the apples in the applesauce will start to push through the stainer and drip out the peel, seeds, stem, and any other unusable parts will be forced out the end. 

When you are done you will have a bowl full of hot applesauce. I add a 1/2 cup sugar, a few shakes of cinnamon, and a dash of nutmeg. 

*The applesauce has a pink tint because you are leaving the skin on but think of all the nutrients you gain!

*I cooked up a peck of apples from the orchard and it made me 3+ quarts of applesauce. I can't give you an exact measurement because we were all eating it hot and fresh so all of it didn't make it into the containers. 

*From taking out the apples to the end of clean up it took about 3 hours (including distractions from my 4yr old.) A chunk of time but well worth it! 

*Applesauce freezes well. 

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