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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Q-Tip Skeleton

My daughter wanted to carve her pumpkin tonight but I didn't want to start that endeavor at 8pm. So I offered a skeleton craft. She went for it!

Quick Q-tip Skeleton

Cut out a "skull shape" for the head about 2 inches tall and glue on the top of a 8x11 piece of black card stock.

Using a pencil draw out where the basic bones will go. 

(I drew the lines one by one and allowed my daughter to put down the glue. Good motor control practice for preschoolers.) 

Place a Q-tip on the glue 

For the hands/fingers, cut 2 Q-tips in half.

As you can see the gluing became messier as we worked....

For the feet, cut one Q-tip in half and use one for each foot.

Draw eyes, nose and a mouth on the skull.

There you have a friendly Q-tip skeleton! A fast easy and fun halloween craft. 

Do you have any favorite halloween crafts that you like to do with your kids? 

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