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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What is your "go to" site for kids crafts on the internet?

My daughter loves everything Disney. (She probably gets it from me, I loved Disney as a kid and the walls of my room were covered with Disney posters.)

I am always looking for a fun way to craft and you can rarely go wrong with a Disney related craft. It is easy to go to Disney.com and Disneyjunior.com  but one of the best places to find Disney crafts is spoonful.com!

I stumbled across it randomly one day while searching for another quick and easy craft and I am now hooked. It is one of my go to sites for kid crafting.

This week my daughter and I will be doing some of the Monsters University crafts in preparation for the theatrical release of Monsters University. (Can you tell I am pumped to see this one in the theater too!)

Where do you go for quick and easy craft ideas? Leave a comment. 

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