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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Laundry softener UPDATE

Last week I posted about my new "laundry softener"  I found a page online that called for adding baking soda and Downy Crystals to my regular vinegar that I already used in my laundry.

My warning should've been when the baking soda and vinegar mixture resulted in a softener volcano all over my kitchen counter. But I had added the baking soda too fast, so I chalked it up to user error.

I thought giving it a try would be good; so i went ahead and used it this past week. 

The downside: this is what my softener dispenser looks like.

On an up note, my laundry does smell good.

Overall verdict: not worth it.  I'm going to use up the rest just because I hate to waste but then I'm going to try just adding lavender essential oil to my vinegar. That way I'll get all the scent benefits without all the mess.

Any trial and errors you like to share ?

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