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Saturday, June 22, 2013

My little Merida

My daughter LOVES to play dress up. I tried buying the cheap dress up costumes ( 1/2 price after Halloween) but after 6 months they were starting to fall apart. 

I can't get myself to spend the insane $$$ they want for the good quality ones. So I am left with one option. Make them myself. 

Thankfully I had a grandmother and mother who both sewed so I was taught well from a young age. 

Although I made her five costumes for Christmas, she has still been asking for more characters.

Hence, the arrival of Merida. 
I used a McCall's pattern but made some simple alterations to the sleeve and a little less gather in the skirt to make it the Merida style. 

I surged this seems so they would be stronger and I did not use the zipper in the back, instead I used a simple Velcro tab for easy on and off during dress up play.

Some cute gold lace, Celtic looking ribbon for the bottom, and fancy gold button for a "medallion" completed the look. 

* All of the supplies were purchased at JoAnn fabrics.

What kind of things do you make for your kids instead of buying?

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