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I'm a mom, but I am also so much more. I'm a wife, I work, cook, shop, craft, try to stay healthy, keep up on the latest technology, and style trends, and much more! Come join me in my adventure of making a new blog that allows us to share the everyday things (ups and downs) that turns living an everyday life into living a lively life!

Monday, June 10, 2013

New "bloginnings"

Ever have one of those moments and wonder, "is there anyone out there who has days like this too?" or maybe its a really great moment and you think "I should totally tell someone about this!"

I have moments like that all the time. After some encouragement from friends and family I have decided to start a blog.  

I specifically chose the name "Tidbits for Everyday" because there are so many little tidbits of life I would like to share. My life is full of so many sources of inspiration. First and foremost I am a mom to my daughter and I (lovingly) give many hours a day to thinking about her and caring for her. But in addition to a mom, I am a wife, I work full time in at a school, I am a sister, daughter, friend, crafter, scrapbooker, gardener, reader, cook, bill payer, family calendar organizer, and the list goes on....

I am also always looking for new tech ideas. The best apps for my gadgets and kids gadgets, I am always interested in keeping up on health food but at the same time making sure that it practical enough for a budgeted family and easy enough for a working mom to make a night. Sometimes I indulge in the not so healthy but really yummy foods too. I try to keep an eye on the  beauty world. Trying to stay stylish and beautiful is a must for a mom, not for the people around her as must as it is just for a good self esteem boost. 

Come join  my adventure!  I want this to be a shared experienced where moms, women, and people of all ages can share great ideas and talk about the daily things that make our lives so lively!

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