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Friday, June 21, 2013

Favorite products: Pocket Hose

I am hesitant to buy "as seen on t.v." products but I was tantalized by the pocket hose.

However, I still wasn't ready to go out and by one....

Then I was at my mother-in-law's house and used the one she had. That's it; I'm sold! I went out the next week and got two fifty foot hoses. (I need 100ft to reach my garden) I LOVE this hose. 

Before I had a big clunky green hose that was a pain to pull out and a chore to wind up.

Now, I have a small, light hose that can fit in a small flower pot when empty.
It stretches to the garden with a light tug and doesn't kink up.

AMAZING!  Love it. 

And a bonus, I had a 20% of coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond, so it only cost $16 instead of the normal $19.99!

Do you have a favorite "as seen in t.v. " product?

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