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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hot days call for iced coffee

In my early coffee days i just brewed hot coffee and dumped it over ice, but you just end up with watered down coffee. I have since learned how to make a much better tasting version. 

The bonus with this version is you can prep it at night after the kids go to bed and can easily finish it between getting the kids breakfast in the morning. 

Step one: gather supplies. 
Coffee (i prefer fresh ground but you can use pre-ground)
1/3 cup measuring spoon
Glass jar

Step two: Measure 1/3 cup grounds to 1 cup water. I do 1 cup ground to 3 cups water in a large jar so we have enough for my husband and I to each have a glass in the morning.

Step three: Give it a shake and stick it in the fridge for the night.

Step four: Use a mesh strainer to strain out the grounds. Dump out the grounds then put a coffee filter in the strainer and pour through again to strain out the fine particles. The second strain usually takes longer to drip through the filter so this is when I get my daughter breakfast.

Step five: Ice, coffee, creamer and sweetener if so desired, then drink and enjoy!

Do you have a different iced coffee technique or recipe? Please share!

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