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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Puffy Cupcake Craft

Puffy cupcakes. How much fun are these!?!?!  

Shaving cream
Food coloring 
Plastic sandwich bag
Thick card stock
Cotton balls
Cupcake liner

Cut the cupcake liners in half and slightly bend the edges to create a surface to glue down.

Glue cupcake let halves on lower 1/2 of paper. Stuff with cotton balls to give support. Make sure to create a mound on top too. (See picture below.)

Next comes the fun and messy part! Dump a 50/50 mixture of shaving cream to glue into the plastic bag and add food coloring if you'd like to make a specific color. 
 (Rather than give a specific measurement this ratio gives you the flexibility to make a batch in whatever size you want or making multiple smaller matches.)

Now zip the bag *tightly* and let your little one squish and mix!

Carefully snip a corner off the bag and let you little one "frost" the cupcakes. Make sure you cover the cotton balls.

Add sprinkles or decorations if you'd like. 

Set of on a flat surface to dry. They will need at least 24 hours (or more) depending on how thick it is.

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