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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My little pony birthday

I never gave you a full look at the My Little Pony Party from this summer. I have featured many if the ideas in my "Pinned it:Nailed it" blog entries but wanted to put them all together in one place for you to view. 

The biggest decoration hung in the kitchen. A giant crepe paper rainbow coming from tissue part clouds. 

On the wall next to it you can see several paper fans. I used light weight 12x12 coordinating colors of paper and made lots of them and hung them all over the house. Tutorials for how to make them can be found all over the web. 

I printed several My Little Pony graphics from online and mounted them on colorful cardstock. 

These cute little guys below hung off the fireplace mantel. I used my paper punch to cut the circles, printed and hand cut the pony graphics, then sewed them on my sewing machine.

Below: On the right: More examples of printed and mounted graphics with some tissue paper poms for a cute centerpiece. One the left: I splurged and get the pony balloons. 

I wanted the silverware and straws to be displayed in a cute way on the buffet. I used down polka dotted paper and made a little cone, cut off the bottoms,  places it in a glass, then dropped in the silverware. It added some color and spunk.

The pony table decorations were a Pinterest inspiration. Originally in a ball jar I decided to use sprinkles in the bottom of a juice glass and add the small plastic pony.

Outside we setup a special tent for the kiddos. Inside we had a picnic table with two buckets of crayons and papers with a blank pony template with "design your own pony" written on it.

Some kids drew existing ponies and some designed new creations. 

Here are some printed graphics that I mounted on paper fans. These hung outside on the kids tent.

The cake and cupcakes were from a local bakery. It was a great deal and tasted wonderful!

To add to the fun we also had a photo booth. I used my Cricut to cut out beards, glasses, hats, thought bubbles, and lots more!

The background was made from a simple white plastic table cloth, some paper dot garland, and a few paper fans (made from colorful wrapping paper)

I made a cute little centerpiece from some online printed graphics. I used a bowl and put foam inside. Wrapped the bowl with polka dot tissue paper and covered the top with coordinating pink. Then I put the graphics on sticks and put them in. 

I made a pair of giant paper fans. This one with a #5. The "partner" to this one was on the front door decorated with cute crepe paper twists. (I forgot to take a picture of it.😕)

The party was a huge success! A lot of work went into it and it'll be awhile before I do another big one like this but it was well worth the effort!

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