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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Going Batty!

I love Halloween and the myriad of cute craft options for kids this time of year is great!!!

Here are some quick and easy Halloween crafts that I have made (or am planning to make) with my kiddo:

We always save toilet paper tubes. My daughter doesn't throw out anything that could potentailly be used for a craft!  This cute little craft is the most adorable bat I've ever seen.

Love this door full of bats. Click here for more door decorating ideas. So easy to make with some black card stock! If you are not good at freehand cutting look below at the link for the bat templates.

Finally, how finis this bat headband! Wonder what my daughter would think if I wore this while taking her trick or treating? Click here to go to the Martha Stewart website.

Happy crafting. (Take some pictures of the bat crafts you make and share them in the tidbit's facebook page!)

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