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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kid activity…Pintrest idea-Try and Fail.

I tried to make one of those cool layered density bottles with my daughter thinking it would be a cool way to teach about different substances and also just a really cool thing to look at….

The directions and other types of bottles can be found on http://familylicious.com/layered-density-discovery-bottle/

We did not have all the items so we opted to use only 

First pour in…
1. Corn Syrup
2. Dawn Dish Soap
4. Colored Water
5. Vegetable Oil
I wish I would have taken a before picture… the syrup and soap stayed separate, however, the colored water and oil were starting to mix. My daughter added some sparkly stars and little buttons. Then she had a blast shaking….

Here was the issue, after the fun was had she set it to the side to let it settle and separate.

36 hours later and we are still waiting for it to separate…..

Note: I threw away the bottle and accidentally deleted the picture from my phone before I posted this so unfortunately I can't show you what it looked like. But its not hard to picture,  just imagine a 1 liter bottle full of dark blue oil water and soap mixture... :-( 

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