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Monday, April 28, 2014

Flying Pony Activity

The latest Disney Family Fun magazine had a Rocket craft activity that was really cute.  Unfortunately my 4 year old girl isn't really into rockets, however, My Little Pony is WAY COOL to her right now….. 

So I adapted the craft just a tad to make it a flying pony craft. 

-My Little Pony printable clip art (approximately 4"x6"size each)
-toilet paper tube
- Two 6 foot pieces of curling ribbon cut 

Step 1
 Print and cut out Ponies

Step 2
Glue onto opposite sides of the tube

Step 3
 Thread the curling ribbon through the tube.

Step 4
     One person quickly pulls their arms apart so the tube zips along the ribbon to the other side. If playing with a friend, the other person now repeats the action while the first person brings their hands together to return the tube to the other side. Continue to repeat.

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