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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Easy craft Inspiration

Somehow I ended up on a certain 'trading' magazines mailing list. I don't purchase things from them (because I don't need a dozen or more of each item) but I do love all the great ideas I get from browsing through it!

The latest magazine has provided a surplus of inspiration….


Cut a gingerbread man shape out of brown construction paper.
Let your child use stickers or puff paint to add decorations
Use a marker to make the face.


Cut mitten shapes out of random colors of construction paper.
Use buttons, stickers, ribbon, and scrap paper to decorate them. 

Trees: cut tree shape out of green constsucion paper and let your child decorate them with paint or markers.

Snowman: lay 6 sticks side by side horizontally. Glue them together with a vertical stick across the middle. let your child paint the bottom half wihite and the top half black. Once dry you can glue on goggly eyes orange scrap paper for a nose and draw on a mouth.

Reindeer: cut a rounded triangle our of brown paper, trace and cut out your childs hands for the antlers. Add goggly eyes, use red sparkle glue or red sparkle paper to make a nose. Add more decorations if desired.

Use a white paper plate for the body. Cut a smaller white circle for the head. Add a hat made from black construction paper. Cut a piece of white construction paper length wise into 2" strips. Take 4 of those pieces and fold them accordion style. Cut boots and mittens out of scrap paper. Glue onto bottom of arms and legs. Add a face with scrap paper pieces or draw on. 


Mice: cut an oval out of card stock. about 1/3 way down add 2 slits wide enough to feed a candy can through. Add eyes, nose and ears.
Gingerbread people: See top craft
Snowmen in Stockings: Cut a basic stocking shape out of construction paper, cut a white circle slightly bigger than the width of the top of the stocking. Glue it to the top of the stocking. Add arms with scraps of brown paper. Add facial features to the snowmen and use paint or stickers to decorate the stockings.


Cut a large circle out of green construction paper. Cut a rounded triangle about 2/3rds of that  size to create the head of the reindeer. Use remaining brown paper to cut 2 small oval ears and 2 small rounded triangles for the legs. Use black marker to draw on antlers and add the bottom of the hooves. Use red paper, sticker, glitter, or a large craft gem for a nose. Decorate wreath with red paper or paint to create berries if you wish.

I will be making several of these with my daughter soon and will be providing more detailed instructions and temples.


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