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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuna lettuce wraps. A healthy success.

Tried a new excipients tonight. I've Ben testing out new 'healthy' ecru pies for my family and tis one was a hit with the hubby (not do much with the 4 year old.

I made tuna in a lettuce wrap. 

Wish I would've taken pics during the process, but I didn't know trey would be do good. 

I made a healthy tuna salad:
3 cans a tuna (packed in water) drained 
1/4 cup olive oil mayo
Some black pepper 
Some garlic salt
Diced up some leftover green pepper

(Sorry it's so unspecific but I kinda wing it when I make tuna..)

Then scoop the tuna salad onto medium sized lettuce leaves and top them with dices tomatoes.

(The hubby added some hot sauce on top and said it made it just right!)

What heathly recipes have you tried lately?

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