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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gift Card on a Paper Flower Pot

Thought I would give you a quick peek at a gift card that I made for my hubby to give to the secretaries at his office. 

I didn't make a full tutorial but if your a scrapbooker or cardmaker like me you can look at the pictures and figure it out. 

You can see that I made a double layer on the flower pot so it could function as a gift card holder.

Then I added a little stand on the back because my husband wanted the card to be something that the secretaries could use to brighten up their desks. 

Sending 7 sets of flowers 1/2 way across country wasn't an affordable option but sending 7 flower pots of paper flowers and a Starbucks gift card to the secretaries was a much more affordable and has more of a personal touch. 

So you have any projects you have done? I think finding inspiration from the ideas that others have is great. Any time you have a cute craft or project feel free to share. I'll gladly share it with all the blog followers of you'd like!

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