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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer chalk game

I ended a quick game to amuse my daughter and nephews for a bit while we were outside. Plain old hopscotch wasn't doing the trick so I came up with this game, I call it:

Hop across the pond...

Driveways work better for this because you need width as well as length.

First draw some random lily pads on the driveway. (A lily pad is just a simple PAC man shape.)

Next draw a frog at one end and a house at the other. I added a cute aid that said "Mr. Frogs home"

Outline the whole thing with a wavy blue line. This makes the outline of the "pond"

The goal of the game is to start on the frog and hop to Mr frogs home. 
For added fun add a few flowers on a few lily pas for "extra points" and I drew an alligator in there too, just for added danger/fun. 

The game was a hit. They spent 15 minutes straight hopping all the various paths to Mr. Frogs house. 

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