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Monday, February 17, 2014

Olympic Skier Craft

Yes, I am going to try to get all I can out of these Olympics. So here is another fun craft for you and some kiddos to do.

Olympic Skier Craft

Reflected image of a skier
Popsicle Stick
Heavy Stock Construction Paper

I found this image on the web and just copied and flipped the image then printed it. You can do the same with any image you find. Print it and let your kid start to color while you do the next step.

Next, trifold a piece of paper then on the outer edges draw a diagonal line as shown below. 
Cut along the lines.

When you child is finished coloring fold the image so it is back to back. Glue the body together but leave the skis unglued. Fold the skis down to make a flat surface that can be glued onto the stick.

Add cotton balls along the folded lines to create your snow slope, but leave the center open so your skier can go down!

Fold the edges to raise your "hill".

I added a little scrap with a tab folded up on each side of the paper to strengthen the hill.

Now place your skier on top and let him or her slide down the hill and go for the gold! 

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