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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Doc McStuffins Costume

Since my daughter received a Doc McStuffins  doctor to kit for Christmas she has been asking for a "doc costume". Here is the adventure that was "making the doc costume".

I started out with an old halloween costume of my husband that I thought would be easer to modify
than starting from scratch with material and a pattern.

I took of 1/2 the length of each sleeve, about 5 inches off the bottom and a 4 inch section of the back. 
I re-hemmed everything and it fit pretty good.

Next challenge, covering up the adult words on the costume. Not swear words, but adult humor using to create a Dr. Name that would not be so appropriate for a child.

As you can see by the picture on the left, the iron on idea didn't work so well….

After some brainstorming I decided to use 'patches' to cover up the wording and then put on a new Doc name tag. But while doing so i ended up accidentally swing the sleeve shut, so had to rip it out and resew it.

After some frustration I fixed it all and was on to the next thing. Iron on transfer decals.

Notice that these images are printed incorrectly.
They should look like a mirror image when printed
 so when they are ironed on they look correct. 

I love the Avery Inkjet printable transfer paper! Its a budget saver. A few clip art pictures from the internet, print, and iron on.

Remember to flip the image before you print! (Thankfully I realized this ahead of time.)

These images are ironed on upside down so if you don't flip the image before you print it you will end up reprinting the images a second time.

Here is the final image. My daughter was thrilled. Even though it was a bit of a challenge and took about 2 hours longer that I intended… I'm glad I did it.

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