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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Laughter is the best medicine

Today I get I share something that has given me many grins, lots of giggles, and a few laugh out loud moments.

I LOVE to read the e-cards on Pinterest. 

Since my last post was about my dogs I'll start with one of my favorite all time e-cards:

Sometimes it is refreshing to read, in print, the thoughts that I have in my head but never want to say out loud.

Sometimes I read it, smile, and say "That is so true!"

Other times all I can do is laugh.

Occasionally they are a bit rude.

This card pretty much sums them up:

No matter how inappropriate they are I still read they whenever I see them because everyone knows "laughter is the best medicine" and if this is what is going to make me laugh today..…. 

Laugh on my friends!

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