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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Engaged and Entertained Without Electronics

My daughter has become the child who often asks, "Mom, can I have your phone?" while we are traveling in the car or at the grocery store. She is looking for a source of entertainment and something to keep her mind engaged. Here is a great article about when it is appropriate to let you child use electronics.

I have nothing against her using it occasionally since I keep a collection of educational apps on there for her. I keep a limit on electronics and TV time so occasional usage (short periods of time, a few times a week at most) is all I allow. I do also admit, if I am trying to focus on driving or get my shopping done quickly without interruption having that there for her to use is rather convenient.

However, as a child I was forced to use my mind to create my own entertainment and I think that is part of the reason I am creative today.

Part of me wonders, as today's society looks more and more to electronic devices to provided educational material and entertainment for our children are they going to lose some of that ability to use their imagination?

When my sister shared this Etsy shop with me and wanted to share it with all of you. Felt boards are a simple product that can allow your child tons of creative options. Allison creates some super adorable boards and characters. Just keep them in your car or bag and when your child is looking for entertainment they can create and tell their own scenes and stories over and over and again.

Felt boards allow unlimited imagination in creating a scene.
What adorable carrying case!

Perfect for a pirate story.....

Or for someone who loves to tell fairy tales.....

And how CUTE are these little arctic animals!!!

Allow your child to relive their favorite family memories by recreating the scene.

Lots more at the Etsy shop. Hours of endless, reusable, mix and match fun.

Link to Allison's Shop:

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