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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Teacher Christmas Gifts

Yes, it is that time of year again. Here I am scrambling to come up with a creative idea for my daughters teacher that is practical and also in budget. 

I did my Pinterest search and it lead me to some great links. I thought I would pass them on to you to save you the time of having to search. Instead pick and idea off the list and you'll have a gift ready to go to give to your child's teacher and a bonus it will be super cute and look like you are very creative and prepared.

Eveyone loves getting a Starbucks coffee with their own name written on it. This Starbucks Sleeve Printable gives you the chance to write you teachers name and a cute little check list on the side too!

I don't know many teachers that will pass up a free cup of coffee. So why not give them a Dunkin Donuts gift card on this little Thanks a Latte Printable card holder!

We all know teachers spend lots of their own money on classroom supplies. Why not help them out by giving them a few dollars towards that fund? This Target Gift Card Holder is the perfect way to thank a teacher.

Who doesn't need some extra lip balm? This  Reindeer Lip Balm Gift Holder is Adorable.

All classrooms are full of tiny hands with germs. Buy a bottle of hand sanitizer and add this cute hand sanitizer label.

Hope this helps! If you have more great teacher gift ideas pop over to my Facebook page and share you ideas and links!

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