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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pinned It, Nailed It! Fairy surprise sandwich.

Original pin:

My attempt:

Verdict:  Nailed it!

Super easy and it thrilled my 5 year old!
Here's what you do:

First: Invest in a few basic mini cookie cutters. (I've used mine more times than I can count: Jello Jigglers, cutting bologna and cheese into fun shapes for lunches, shaped quesadillas, cutting fresh fruit....) 

Cut out a shape in the lower corner of ONE slice of bread.

Add peanut butter (and/or jelly) to the second slice:

Put the bread together.

Gently shake the sprinkles into the cut out shape.

Tip: if too much pours out (as it did for me) just shake off the extras into the sink. The base layer will stick to the peanut butter. 

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