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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Handprint Owl Painting

I seem to be on a kick with the handprint art activities. But who can help it? Kids hands are so cute at this age. Plus, getting paint all over your hands is such a 'hoot' for kids. (Pun intended, sorry I couldn't help myself.) 

First get out a piece of cardstock. (I always recommend using cardstock over standard paper for kids crafting it just holds up much better.)

Coat your little ones hand with paint and with their fingers together place the print in the center of the page.

Next use brown to paint the branch. I used pencil to lightly outline the branch for my daughter. 

Cut white eyes from scrap paper and glue onto your owl.

We added goggly eyes because they are so much more fun than just drawing an eyeball!

Use a bit of orange paint and make a triangle for the beak.

Next use yellow red and orange to add some fall leaves to the end of the branches. 

Hang up and enjoy!

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