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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Golfball Art Activity.

I saw the cutest idea for a craft in the Family Fun magazine the other day but it was a large scale craft using a poster board, plastic balls, a baby pool, and washable paints.... I didn't have all of those but wanted to follow the same idea.

I decided to scale down and used a piece of card stock, some golfballs, a large plastic serving bowl, and finger paints.


First place the cardstock in the bowl.

After a test run I learned that two simpe pieces of tape will keep the paper from popping out.

Get out your paints. My daughter picked 4 random colors. (This is where your personal creativity can come in.) You can pick seasonal colors, favorite colors, team colors, one color, or ten colors. 

I've started using egg cartons to pour paint into. They are shallower than Dixie cups and keep it well contained (verses on a plate where it all mixes together) and makes for simple clean up.

We dipped the golfball into the paint and dropped it into the bowl with paper. Next is the real fun part for kids; pickup the bowl and roll the ball around. 

Repeat this step with multiple colors. (If you only have one ball you can wash inbetween or just use multiple golfballs) You can also pick some different balls to create different textures on the paper.

After dipping and rolling to her hearts desire my daughter announced she was done. 

I personally love the outcome (and the process) this will be a repeate craft for sure... I can see some potential for cute holiday crafts! 😀

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