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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Decorate your own.....

Has your child ever purchase or recieved a "design your own" toy. They beg you to open the package, they get the markers and start drawing, the next day they realize they don't like the design and want you to wash it off... but it doesn't come off.

That's what happened to me. Here is the before product:

Here us the after:

I tried Mr Clean MagicErasers and a miriad of other cleaning products but nothing took of the marker. 

Fortunatly my daughter recieved a new version of this exact you for her birthday, 

I promptly threw out the permeate markers it came with and had her use Crayola washable markers as a friend had suggested. 


Just for proof that it works. Here us the drawing stage:

Here is the wash off:

Here is Luna cleaned off and ready for a new design:
*note- any marker that is left on more than 24 hours may leave a shadow. (See the wing I picture above.) The sooner you wash it off the better!!!

So throw out the makers and use washables for any "design-a-toy"!

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