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Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Hydrangea Door Wreath

I was in need of a new spring door decoration and I found an inpirstional project on Pinterest. Came together so easily. If anyone else is in need of a simple new door decoration here is the tutorial.

6 hydranga stems
12" MDF circle 
Hot glue
Wire cutter
Floral wire

Step 1
Separate leaves for the stems and use a wire cutter to cut the flower heads off. Cut it as close to flat as possible.

Using hot glue secure the glower heads onto the MDF board.

Then go over with floral wire to add done extra security, 

Next glue the leaves between the flower heads covering any gaps and allowing them to randomly stick out. 

Add a ribbon. You can make a simple loop or a fancy bow, whatever your skill level allows or decor calls for. 

While project cost $25 and took a total of 20 minutes start to finish including clean up. 

Pinned it: Tried it: Nailed it!

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