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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cleaning a Cast Iron Skillet

I love using my cast irons skillet to cook. However the first time I cleaned it and realized I couldn't use soap I was at a loss. It wasnt until I saw a post about cleaning with salt that I found the ultimate way to clean this pan. I have used this often and it works!!!!

Here is my dirty pan after making some phenomenal gluten free fried chicken... Yuck!

First scrap out all the grease and residue you can with a spatula. 
Then grab our COURSE sea salt. (Only a few dollars for a large size at your cloc grocery store.)

Sprinkle it liberally onto your pan.

Use a sponge or plastic scrubber and firmly push the salt around the pan. Add a tiny bit of water if needed.

You will notice an the salt starts to turn to a dirty color.

When it looks like most of the dirt is in the salt and off the pan, rinse thoroughly.

If you see any remaining residue add more salt and scrub again.

Dry thoroughly and you are ready for your next use. 

Some people like to coat the pan with a bit of olive oil to prevent rust but I find that the pan doesn't need that because use it often enough.

Do you have a cleaning tip that you love? Please share :-) 

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