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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Puttin' Up The Corn

I got a great deal on corn (10 ears for $1) I could pass in that, I had to get some and freeze it!

This is a peek at my kitchen while I was cooking and prepping corn for freezing.

Yes it's a mess and a bit of work bit it is do worth it! When you "put up corn" ( as my mother in law calls it) it tastes so itch better than the everyday frozen stuff you buy.

First of all the two tools above are a must in order to easily cut the corn kernels off the cob. My hubby made the board with the nail. The kernel remover tool can be purchased at most stores.

Steps for freezing your own corn:
1. Remove husks and silk
2. Briefly boil corn then stick in cold water to stop the cooking
3. Place corn on nail/board and use tool to remove kernels.
4. Place kernels in freezer bags in desired serving sizes. 

Tonight I was limited in time so I only did 16 ears of corn. That gave me 12 cups if kernels that I split into 8 bags. 

I'll probably do this one or two more times before corn season is over. I'm feelin' like a homesteader!

Do you freeze anything? 

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