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Friday, July 4, 2014

Natural Bug Repellant Candles

When I was finishing up my 4th of July BBQ prep I was looking for some last minute quick and easy natural bug repellant to deter some of the mosquitos that a were out. I had already picked up Bug Soother on a recommendation from a good friend. (Love the stuff. I think it worked great!)

And I also picked up some citronella essential oil. I figured if we needed extra deterent it could be dripped onto cotton balls and set out or mixed with witch hazel to use as a spray on or around you as a natural bug repellant.

However the last few nights the mosquitos have been merciless! Knowing we were going to be out late watching the fireworks I was looking for a few more ways to keep the bugs at bay. Thats when I stumbled on this cute idea!!!!!

To see the original link to these candles click here: 

I happen to have everything on hand and I couldn't wait to make these little guys. Best of all I had floating star candles in red, white, and blue. What a perfect touch for the 4th of July!

I sliced a lemon and lime, grabbed some rosemary and mint from the garden, put in a few drops of citronella essential oil, then filled 3/4 of the way with water. 

Then I just floated the candles on top. Simple as that. 

It gave off a slight but not overwhelming citronella scent, looked great, and there were very few bugs near the table. I'd call it a success!  

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